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Patient Testimonials

Share Your Experience!

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Wanda Shelton-Stone

  • Neck Surgery
Wanda Shelton-Stone's photo

“I thank God for Dr. Levy. First let me tell you how this man was introduced to me. I had a posterior lamenectomy on October16, a spine and neck doctor. Before going to this doctor I had been complaining about pain in my shoulders especially on the right side. My pcp sent me for different test and even to an orthopedic, sent me to therapy first. After seeing that the therapy had not help this ortho said we can do surgery. My question can you do surgery when you don't even know what is wrong. So, I refused to go back to him. Went back to my pcp and told her we have been focusing on shoulder let's look at the neck (same pain I had in lower back)...after doing so she could see something wrong in neck, she then sent me to the neck and spine doctor. He sent me for a series of test found the problem and gave me my options. As I said in the beginning I had the surgery and the pain I had been experiencing was worse than before surgery. So, I told my PCP she then referred me to Dr.Levy in the beginning they did not want to see me since I had just had the surgery. Anyhow I went to see Dr. Levy in his office...I was the last patient for the day and he sat and took his time and explained everything to me after asking was I hurting bad enough to have another surgery. We decided on the date for the surgery, which was February 23. When I woke from surgery I had to look to see if my arm was still attached since I felt no pain, y'all I have been in constant pain for almost 2 years. There was NO pain still today March 6 NO pain. My 1st post-op visit was yesterday Dr. Levy sat and talked to me with no pressure, this man talked and made sure that I was ok with no rushing. I am so blessed that I was introduced to this man. Dr. Levy is the doctor to go to for any head or neck injuries...who will actually Listen and Talk to you. God bless you and your staff Dr. Levy!!!”

Brian Gruber

  • Right cubital tunnel release & removed c5/6plate c6/7 acdf with anterior plate over c 4 5 6 was painful but got awhole better....then if I would have listened to him I probably wouldn't have needed another was in my best interest

“It was painful but got a whole lot better.then if i would have listened to him i probley wouldn't have needed another surgery..but it was to my best interest to have titanium rods placed on the back of my spine..from c4 5 6 7 an t1 & t2.

He's probley the best surgeon i have ever had,and ive had 30 different ones. He has the best bedside manner you will ever find. He worries more about his patients then i think he worries about his self. He's a rare one of a kind person.”


  • Neck Surgery

“Dr. Armond Levy does a wonderful job. He is kind and patient. Very caring with his patients.

He explains things so that you can understand what is going on and what he intends to do.

I would recommend him to anyone who needs neurosurgery.

I had severe neck pain and headaches. Pain down my arm and couldn't hold anything in my hand.

After surgery it was all gone. With the help of physical therapy after surgery I had 55 Lbs of pressure in my hand.

Thank you Dr. Levy.”

Becky Paoni

  • Cervical Surgery
Becky Paoni's photo

“Words cannot describe how Dr. Levy's care and bedside manner...

He's the man with the velvet hands... Seriously...

I had put him through the challenge and a lot of caffeine.. Lol.. I was a Hot Mess!!.. He looked at my x-rays and started shaking his head not knowing where to start... He sat me down explained the procedure to me, and we scheduled the surgery to have the hardware removed and replaced it with new hardware to strengthen my neck in two spots...

Dr. Armond Levy was the third Dr. I called that day and Jill got me in to see him right away to discuss my options..

Still have one more surgery to go... Through the back of the cervical spine... A nice Zipper as he put it...

Thank you Dr. Levy and your staff for what you have done for me..


Dan Carroll

  • Surgery for a Cerebral Aneursym

“Dr Levy performed surgery for a ruptured Cerebral Aneursym in September 2008. I had about 15 minutes to make a decision on surgery because he had to call his team to schedule surgery for the next day. In the few minutes Dr. Levy spoke to my family and I he gave us confidence the surgery would be successful. Two of my daughters are healthcare professionals . It has been almost 10 years after the surgery and I am doing well. Thank you Dr. Levy I would make the same decision again.”

Patricia L. Goldkuhl

  • Brain surgery
Patricia L. Goldkuhl's photo

“Dr Levy is the best , Even though this was terminal he was only given 3-6 months to live . Dr. Levy we got 14 months . Dr Levy gave my husband the best care and was great to the rest of our family .He never was in a rush , always answered all our questions. When I didn't understand what he was explaining, he would always explain it to where i could understand everything he was doing. Its been 9 years and all the patients he sees and I just sent him a message and ask if he remember me and My Al . He said of course I remember you and Al. Dr. Levy takes the time to get to know you , and he truly cares for not just the patient but for my needs too . If you need to call him The staff was always very helpful and was so nice. I thank God for Dr. Levy for the time he gave me . I will always be grateful for all he did to keep my Al out of Pain and gave him the best care I could ask for. Thank You again Dr. Levy for all you did. Your The Best !!!!”


  • neck surgery
mschwoeppe's photo

“I had a botched neck surgery in 2008, my quality of life was poor, I was unable to play with my children, work in my garden, at work I would hold my head in my hands because it felt so heavy, I was unable to do anything without excruciating pain. Was referred to Dr. Levy, who after seeing my x-rays stated my neck was collapsed. He had to take out all the old hardware in my neck and re-do the first surgery. Dr. Levy has been a blessing in my life, no other surgeon would attempt to fix my neck, not even the head neurosurgeon at Big Johns (Mercy) in Saint Louis. I am now more active in life, able to work every day, and feel my quality of life has improved immensely. I trust Dr. Levy, and I also highly recommend him to anyone having neck issues. ”


  • Ifuse sacroiliac joint fusion left side
Michele's photo

“From the first meeting, Dr Levy made me feel comfortable. He listened to the reasons for my visit and my complaints. I had severe sacroiliac joint dysfunction from a fall to the butt/hip 16 years ago! I had been suffering so long but having ifuse was the best choice ever! I no longer feel that nagging pain and instability that plagued me for so many years. The surgery was great. I went home a few hours after and have seen nothing but great results thus far!

It's only been two weeks but the terrible pain I endured is a thing of the past! I would recommend Dr Levy to all!”

Ms. Thompson

  • Herniated Disc
Ms. Thompson's photo

“A special thanks to Dr. Armond Levy and his medical staff. After seeing multiple doctors, I was blessed to be referred to Dr. Levy. Dr. Levy's friendly staff was able to fit me in their schedule within 12 hours of calling for an appointment. Dr. Levy communicated with me every medical option in regards to my herniated disc. Within 23 hours of my appointment, Dr. Levy was preforming my cervical disc replacement. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Dr. Levy and his staff the day of surgery, post-surgery communications, and the timely manner of my appointments. Thank You!

Randy Nagel

  • Triple Lumbar Laminectomy & Discectomy / Ruptured Disc Repair Surgery
Randy Nagel's photo

“In 2008 I could not hardly walk. When I did walk I was bent at the waist due to what used to be called lumbago. After surgery I was home the same day, pain free!!!! :)

In 2010 I had a fall that resulted in a Ruptured Disc. I think it was L-4 or 5. It was impinging on my spinal cord about a quarter of an inch. Dr. Levy entered through the lamina with a small tube and snipped off the impinging disc material and pulled it out of the tube. After a rehab period all was good again. Pain free again!!!! :)

Charlotte Sheehan

  • 2 Brain Aneursyms

“My God has truly blessed me and this surgeon for leading me to him and allowing his power to work through Dr Levy. All my procedures were done plus lung cancer part of one lung removed in a year & 10 months. Have done whatever feel awesome & blessed. Would meet Dr Levy anywhere if I needed a Neurological procedure (even Wal-Mart). Mistakes happen GOD is Forgiving why can't this happen with people & business . Praise be to you Dr Levy & staff. May God always be with you. Amen”